Hordes Two-Player Battle Box – Starting Hordes Mk3 Armies

Hi Tabletop Gamers!

Agata here from Tabletop Gamer Crew and I’m really excited to be jumping into the new Hordes Mk3 from Privateer Press.

After doing some research to pick my army, I decided on Legion of Everblight.

I decided to split the Hordes Two-Player Battle Box with my brother Paul, as he also wanted to start an Orboros army.

The Hordes Tw0-Player Battle Box was released under the old Mk2 rules, so the stat cards and the rule book inside are still from Mk2, but I’m just going to pick up some updated cards and the new rule book and use them with the minis in this box.

Here’s a video I did where I unbox the Two-Player Battle Box and show you what’s inside:

How did you guys like the video?

What do you think of this Two-Player Battle Box?